Once your order is confirmed and payment has been taken, it can no longer be changed. You can place a separate order, but it may not arrive at the same time as your original order.

You can cancel at any time before you place your order. Once your order is confirmed and payment has been taken, it can no longer be cancelled.

We strongly maintain our product shelf-life as per the international guidelines and we dispose all unsold chicken in the City Corporation facilities
No. We marinate our chicken with herbs and spices and then it’s freshly cooked at 170 degrees. It’s likely that sometimes, the marinade may get accumulated, causing the chicken to look the way it does.
We strive to deliver our service as fast as we can to meet your needs. The delivery time may vary depending on traffic and the status of delivery stores. An estimated time of delivery will be shown in every order you place online.
Menu options for KFC Delivery vary from restaurants’ in-store menu. KFC Delivery has its own delivery menu and promotions that specially catered to delivery.
Our chicken-on-bone, chicken fillets, strips are regularly delivered in our restaurants, not frozen. We buy our chicken from reputable poultry provide like BRAC, PARAGOAN.
Yes. We use palm oil to cook all our products.
Our food is prepared to the highest standards in accordance with our established cooking procedures. All our food is cooked for a specified time to ensure it is properly cooked and we do have timers on our cookers, which helps us to do this. Once cooked, our food can only be held hot for a specified short length of time. If the food is not sold before the holding time expires, it is withdrawn from sale and disposed off to make sure you get the best and freshest product.
Yeah it is sustainable and all our plastic packaging are recyclable and safe for food.
Love of course! We are serving high quality chicken with lots of love.
None of our chicken is processed. We only serve whole pieces of leg, breast, rib, wing, or thigh meat.
Yes. We are selling 100% Halal products. Our chicken is sourced from Halal certified suppliers. You can ask the store manager at your nearest KFC to show you the certificate that issued to our suppliers.
All our chicken is 100% natural. Nothing is added to the chicken.
We care about your health. Chicken supplied to KFC Bangladesh is free from any antibiotic residue. All our chicken supplies are subjected to a withdrawal period specific to each medicinal treatment. Additionally, our poultry suppliers follow the standards set by World Health Organization.
All our chicken comes from local poultry farms like Brac, Paragon. Most of our fresh produce such as Vegetable, Lettuce are collected from our authorized local vendors. The burger buns are supplied by Cooper’s. Rest of the raw materials are imported from different countries.