Tk 399.00

Finger Lickin' Iftar with KFC Ramadan Meal. Delectable quarter grilled chicken, 1 Rizo rice (with gravy), 1 Popcorn chicken and a regular drink! Save 41%!

Tk 499.00

Sample it all in one bucket with KFC Mingles. 5 pcs Hot Wings, 2 pcs Boneless Strips an 1 Regular Pop Corn Chicken!

Tk 750.00

Save 33%. Colonel’s Spicy and Juicy (4 pcs) grilled chicken & spicy, crunchy, juicy chicken (4 pcs).

Tk 850.00

3’s company when u bring together 4 Hot and Crispy with 4 Hot Wings & 4 of our Signature Smoky Grilled