Tk 699.00

You and a buddy ready to have your fill? The Buddy Rice Combo is a perfect solution with 2 Popcorn Rice Bowlz & 8pcs Hot Wings.

Tk 249.00

Need a quick decision for lunch? Try this mighty meal of rice & gravy with a side of Hot and Crispy chicken.

Tk 249.00

It's sweet & spice, with everything nice! Rice & gravy with a side of our special Smoky Red.

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Tk 249.00

The classic rice and gravy with a side of hot wings. An explosion of flavors with every mouthful.

Tk 249.00

This is the gravy-yard shift! Rice layered with spicy, exotic gravy & topped off with crispy popcorn chicken!

Tk 99.00

Perfectly cooked KFC signature rice to fill your hunger !

Tk 30.00

Make your meal more delicious by adding some gravy!