Tk 150.00

Complete your meal with the perfect slice of crispy Potato Wedges only at Tk.150

Tk 139.00

The perfect accompaniment to your KFC meal, enjoy the large size KFC signature Fries only at Tk.139

Tk 160.00

A special tangy flavour in KFC signature fries, large Tangy Fries at Tk.160

Tk 219.00

Bite-sized boneless pieces of signature Hot & Crispy, with special spices @ Tk. 219

Tk 259.00

Tender, crispy and juicy boneless strips of chicken, a unique treat to tastebuds.

Tk 149.00

KFC's best chicken wings smeared with a lip smacking lemon chili flavor.

Tk 279.00

Colonel’s Spicy and Juicy grilled chicken with a mix of special marinade and secret herbs- grilled to a Smoky perfection

Tk 279.00

Treat your taste buds to spicy, crunchy, juicy chicken that sets your taste buds alight.