Tk 750.00

Enjoy 10 pcs bucket of tender, crispy and juicy boneless strips of chicken with 4 exciting dips only at Tk. 750

Tk 499.00

Sample it all in one bucket with KFC Mingles. 5 pcs Hot Wings, 2 pcs Boneless Strips an 1 Regular Pop Corn Chicken!

Tk 800.00

Save 28% Colonel’s Spicy and Juicy (4 pcs) Smoky Grilled & Spicy, Crunchy, Juicy Chicken (4 pcs).

Tk 600.00

Order KFC 4+4 to get 4 Smoky Grilled, 4pcs boneless strips and 1 delicious dip and save 34%

Tk 498.00 Tk 419.00

Recharge yourself with 2 Supercharger Burgers at an amazing price!

Tk 657.00 Tk 499.00

Enjoy the best of KFC with Chicken Zinger, 4 pc Hot Wings and a Regular Popcorn!

Tk 413.00 Tk 329.00

Relish the Popcorn Rice Bowl with 1 pc Hot & Crispy/1 pc Smoky Grilled. Served with Pepsi Go Pack

Tk 453.00 Tk 419.00

Enjoy the chicken zinger burger with 1pc Hot & Crispy /1pc Smoky grilled, Served with Pepsi Go Pack

Tk 498.00 Tk 399.00

2 Popcorn chicken rice bowls at special price of Tk.399