Tk 999.00

Boost up your Eid enjoyment with 3 Classic Zinger Burger, 2 Coleslaw & 1 Large Fries, only @ Tk.999

Tk 1,499.00

Perfect weekend feast for Friday. Get 6pcs Hot & Crispy, 4pcs Smoky Red Chicken, 4pcs Strips, 2 Large Tangy Fries, 4Pepsi 250ML go pack only at TK.1499 with 32% savings.

Tk 800.00

Some like it crispy & some like it smoky. You get both! 4 Hot & Crispy Chicken with 4 Smoky Red Chicken.

Tk 999.00

Make the best of the last few days of Smoky Grilled Chicken! 10pcs Smoky Grilled Chicken only at Tk.999 with 33% savings.

Tk 999.00

A great meal deal! 4pcs Hot & Crispy, 4pcs Hot Wings, 4pcs Chicken Strips, 1 large Tangy Fries & 4 Pepsi 250Ml Go Pack only at Tk.999 with 24%

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Enjoy this variety combo which has all your KFC favorites: 4pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken, 4pcs Smoky Red Chicken, 4pcs Chicken Strips & 8pcs Hot Wings... All at a great deal price! You save 30%!

Tk 899.00

A Bucket full of fun for friends!! 3pcs Hot & Crispy, 3pcs Hot Wings, 3pcs Strips & 1 Popcorn (Large) will boost the group equation!

Tk 1,099.00

Make Stay at home better & fun with this bucket! 4pcs Hot & Crispy, 4pcs Hot Wings, 6pcs strips & 2 delicious dips. Share with family!

Tk 399.00

Level up your classic Zinger experience with this popular combo with 1 fries (regular) & a 250 ml Pepsi go pack

Tk 549.00

Not 1 but 2 sides with the classic Zinger! Triple the experience with 1pc Hot & Crispy 4pcs Hot Wings!

Tk 699.00

You and a buddy ready to have your fill? The Buddy Rice Combo is a perfect solution with 2 Popcorn Rice Bowlz & 8pcs Hot Wings.

Tk 749.00

Pair up a Large Popcorn with those 2 Zingers for you and your buddy! A perfect filling combo for two!