Tk 309.00

Packed with a unique tandoori twist, made with an extra crispy fillet of KFC’s signature chicken, layered with fresh lettuce & creamy mayo.

Tk 399.00

Level up your classic Zinger experience with this popular combo with 1 fries (regular) & a 250 ml Pepsi go pack

Tk 549.00

Not 1 but 2 sides with the classic Zinger! Triple the experience with 1pc Hot & Crispy 4pcs Hot Wings!

Tk 749.00

Pair up a Large Popcorn with those 2 Zingers for you and your buddy! A perfect filling combo for two!

Tk 299.00

A burger with crunchy, juicy chicken fillet in a warm sesame bun, topped with fresh lettuce and creamy mayo.

Tk 329.00

Notch up the taste level by adding a cheese to the Classic Zinger Burger

Tk 309.00

It gives a fiery taste with its signature crispy juicy chicken fillet, fresh lettuce, spicy mayo & dynamite mayo.

Tk 339.00

Blend in a cheesy goodness to the Spicy Zinger Burger by adding a cheese slice

Tk 249.00

Spicy, crunchy two chicken strips in a bigger and longer sesame bun, combined with fresh crunchy lettuce, sweet mayo with an amazing blend two different sauces.

Tk 279.00

Make your Super Charger experience super delicious by adding a slice of cheese!